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Tsuruma Tsunami [Sep. 12th, 2005|02:29 am]


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Here's the Quidditch costume I made for the Half-Blood Prince book release!

Well, here's the deal. I had to go as an original charcter, but I was running out of time really fast. I had some ideas for an original team (book-canon based) but then realized if I got too wrapped up in details, I wouldn't finish in time.

So I pulled something out of my...Mind...And created this!

A Japanese Quidditch costume!

Okie, here's the robe:

Right, when I think about Japan, I think Hokusai (because I'm a huge nerd and admit it). First thought of Hokusai? The Great Wave!

...Plus it was convenient that I found light-blue fabric for a steal and had to pull an idea out of my...Mind...To make it work.

So here's the back of the robes for my Tsuruma Tsunami (catchy, huh?) costume.

Pretty explanatory. Team name with graphics on a properly color-matching set of robes. I thought the ribbon was cool, but friends told me it looked like a combination of choir and prize-fighter robes.

I ran out of time so I couldn't fixed them, so eventually the mockery wore off. Tee hee XD

Anyway! The front of the robes:

Japanese number on the right arm, arabic numeral on the left. Snazzy ropey-laced things in the front, a hood and ta-da! My robes.

The idea of an Asian-inspired look transcended to the jersey and pants. The jersey is tunic/gui-based, with an obi for the waist. On the front left (your right) are some Japanese characters, one for something akin to 'beater' (Quidditch position), another for a charcter's name in my friend's story, and some for her ranking levels, etc. On the right are some kinda-like insignia, with a Hogwarts patch, a Ravenclaw patch, my team's logo (the Great Wave) and the character's official insignia.

Kendo-style badass pants complete the whole thing and tie it together!

Oh and of course my foamy beater's bat.

I didn't have time to do the knee and elbow pads and frankly, I'm over it. It was about 100 degrees, we were outside the whole time and I was sweating anyway, so it's cool. Overall, I was very happy. The tunic didn't have sleeves so it helped me stay cool, and the pants were light-weight cotton. Sweet!

Hope ya liked the pictures!

Oye! And Manda if you see this, load some of yours!

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